There are basically three kinds of events that Eros hosts...

Where you learn about the BDSM lifestyle from experienced practitioners in a comfortable environment...
Where members and sponsored guests let the fun begin!
Field Trips
Where we plan various other type outings!

Every Saturday at roughly 1pm, Eros hosts a one and a half hour class. If you'd like more information or to attend, please email the board of Eros at

Topics are geared to BDSM safety, understanding the lifestyle and the complex feelings involved, along with hands-on classes for teaching BDSM techniques.

Besides education, meeting on a weekly basis allows us to become friends quicker, and share our enthusiasm for BDSM. We don't want to wait a month; we want to talk about it, learn about it, and do it now.

Because Eros draws on the wisdom of those who have been in the lifestyle for years, we have gained a reputation as a great place for beginners and long-timers alike. Many of our members are relatively new to the lifestyle, infusing our classes with anticipation and intense discussion.

Typical class topics may include:
Etiquette and Protocol for Play Parties
Flogging Basics - Do's and Don’ts
Frequently Asked Questions.
Flog-a-thon – applying what you’ve learned, with hands-on instructions
Rope Bondage - The Basics for Enjoyment
Which is easier, a vanilla relationship, or a D/s relationship?
Non-corporal BDSM Fantasies
and many, many more

Class format generally involves a few minutes of welcome, introductions and "What's up this week." We then turn our attention to the weekly topic, giving background information and instruction before opening the floor to discussion. This format allows us to share thoughts and ideas, encourages questions, and welcomes the wisdom of our most experienced members. The weekly class also has an important informal socializing time at the end of the lesson. Prospective members have an opportunity to get to know Eros, and for Eros to get to know them.

Eros holds private play parties, held once or twice a month in the homes of volunteer hosts who have adequate room and facilities to put on a first class party. The popularity of these parties is evident, as most end up fully booked! Non-members may attend provided a regular Eros member sponsors them.

Our parties are usually comparatively small (40-50 people), and the atmosphere is that of a group of good friends getting together for good times. Newcomer's report that they feel welcomed and supported in this environment.

Eros really only has a few party rules, We expect everyone there to be an adult that knows how to behave.

Specifically, our rules are:
1)   No photography
2)   No drugs or alcohol
3)   No touching without permission
4)   No closed doors to rooms that people are playing in
Other than these general rules, we expect our guests to use common courtesy and stay within the guidelines of Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

EROS "Field Trips" is a sort of catch all title for the other stuff we do! These events vary a great deal. Sometimes they are simply a bunch of us getting together to make a run to Slick Willies to shoot pool and hang out... sometimes they are runs out to some local night club for dancing etc... or... about twice a year or so we organize a camping trip and if you have never been camping with 30-50 of your closest kinky friends... out in the woods... in the dark... well... let your imagination run with that a minute...